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Home improvement leads are key element for a residential contractor to grow future business. Your first and most basic step is to contact leads promptly and in a professional manner. This is not consistently done by many residential contractors given the variety of demands they face managing their business.


Whether you have purchased leads from Home improvement Helpers or by some other means, they are time sensitive and lose value over time. Just like a bag of ice that you picked up at the stop-&-go, left unattended in your trunk while you do other errands, there will be less of it (potential value) once you get home.


Homeowners lead busy lives. At some point in time they go online, fill out an information form about a home improvement project, and now are waiting by the telephone counting the minutes for your call. Wrong. That is not the way the world works.

Homeowners anticipate receiving multiple calls from different contractors. They are investigating and evaluating how a residential contractor can turn their home improvement project into reality. Your initial contact with the homeowner will be among a series of contractor first impressions that the homeowner will form, good or bad.

Contact Leads – First Call?

You may be the first call, the second or the last contractor call the homeowner receives on a particular day. Contrary to what some home improvement lead providers would like you to believe, being the first call is not necessarily as important as being the best first call impression.

What is the first thing you would like a potential new customer to know about your brand? Whatever it is, it needs to create a strong, positive impression with the homeowner. This can help separate you from other contracting competitors.

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Think about this before you make your first call to the contact lead, which may be the homeowner’s third contractor call.

Contact Leads – Last Call?

In football the most important game to win is the last one of the season, the Super Bowl. Similarly a contractor wants to win the last impression opportunity with a homeowner.

This may take multiple contacts by a residential contractor. This will likely include telephone calls to contact the homeowner, to set up a site inspection visit, the visit, the proposal, the Emails, etc.

Rarely is winning a homeowner improvement project a sprint. Rather it is more likely a marathon. Contractors should understand that this is part of doing business, but it is a costly component nevertheless.


Most contractors are out of the office and on-site a great deal of time. Their mobile telephone is their portable office and can serve to contact leads at a moments notice.

While homeowners also have mobile telephones, they may have a preference to receive contractor calls at home via their conventional telephone. Just make sure that you are calling how and when the homeowner requested that you should call. Our contractor leads indicate the best time to call with additional notes that you should reference when you make your first call impression.

Home Improvement Helpers also provides a SMS Text advisory to your mobile telephone when there is a contractor lead requiring your follow up. You can then decide whether to make an initial mobile “hello call” or schedule when your return to the office.

Remember the importance of that initial call impression and avoid distractions or poor mobile call quality.


Home Improvement Helpers has provided residential contractor project leads to national building and construction suppliers for more than five years. They have used these leads as a means to recruit and incentivize contractors to purchase their products.

For them offering home improvement leads has been a good marketing strategy. Their business is selling construction products, not the production of quality home improvement leads.

These leads are passed to multiple contractors over an extended period of time. Consequently, they waste a contractor’s time and resources because they chase homeowner projects that have been picked over, again and again.

We do not sell construction supplies or burned out home improvement leads to multiple contractors. We simply offer high quality, economical telephone-verified sales opportunities to residential contractors.

These telephone-verified sales opportunities provide residential contractors a greater chance of closing business with a homeowner. They complement a residential contractor’s current marketing activities to generate new business.

We believe that our home improvement leads offer a residential contractor the lowest cost, highest return on investment to generate new business.


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