Evaluate Contractor Leads Providers


A residential contractor should evaluate contractor leads providers, like any other vendor, to determine what works best for their business. It is unlikely that a single contractor leads provider will fit all your business needs, all the time. So, what are some of the factors you should consider as you evaluate contractor leads providers to help grow your business?

But, before you start this process, you need to determine how a contractor leads provider “fits” in your company’s overall sales activities. Is this a primary source for home improvement sales appointments (high importance) or simply complementary as the need arises? Answering this fundamental question will strongly influence how you evaluate contractor leads providers.


If your company’s marketing activities don’t generate the quantity of home improvement sales leads needed to support your sales goals, then purchasing contractor leads is an alternative solution and of high importance. High importance implies multiple contractor leads providers to balance risk of availability and quality, lead volume and budget.

However, if your company’s marketing activities already generates a flow of home improvement sales leads, then purchasing contractor leads is of lower importance. In this instance there is lower risk in how you evaluate contractor leads providers since it is complementary with lower lead volume and budget.


Home improvement leads are primarily generated from Internet online forms. These online forms may be from general purpose websites or those dedicated to homeowner remodeling projects and the like. The information of a these forms are generally similar.

Sources – Home Improvement Specific

These are websites where there is a “matching” service between the homeowner’s project needs and affiliated contractors looking for lead referrals. There is a “vetting” of the affiliated contractors to ensure a level of professional service to the homeowner. These websites charge contractors a fee for homeowner lead referrals.

Home Improvement Helpers follows this business model.

Sources – Generic

These websites are generic in nature and not specific to home improvement projects. They act as an aggregator of form requests to be resold to third-parties for their own marketing activities. A third-party example would be national construction companies that use lead form requests as part of a loyalty program to recruit contractors to purchase their products.


Home improvement website lead forms vary greatly in design based on the desired outcome of the lead source provider. The higher the lead volume desired, less mandatory fields are captured, resulting in more submittals at a lower cost to generate. For the buyer of a residential contractor lead there is a balance of cost, quality and return on investment.

Quality – Auto Filtering

The home improvement form lead data is processed via software filters to eliminate data consistencies (address, zip code, valid Email, telephone, etc.) and inclusion of minimum required fields. This process however does not gauge subjective information such as the level of homeowner “buyer intent”, a key factor for a contractor lead buyer .

Quality – Telephone Verified

The home improvement form lead data is processed by a call-center agent. Telephone-verifying is used to ensure data consistency, add supplemental notes during the conversation, and to verify the level of homeowner buyer intent and project and contractor expectations. Since the “personal contact” is part of the process, there is an inherently higher level of quality for the contractor lead buyer.

Home Improvement Helpers follows this business model.


Home improvement lead providers distribute leads to residential contractor buyers either multiple times or on an exclusive basis.

Distribution – Multiple Times

Home improvement contractor leads are generally sold to multiple contractors. Some lead providers will place an upper limit (3-5), while others have no limit. For the contractor purchasing a given home improvement lead, there is a lack of knowledge of the number of local competitors working the same sales opportunity.

For a residential contractor the lead ROI will be less due to the increase in local competition with a lower average sales conversion rate.

Distribution – Exclusive

In this instance the home improvement contractor lead is sold to only one contractor. This may be based on restricted contractor territory or simply based on a first-come, first-served purchasing basis

A residential contractor lead ROI will be higher due to less local competition (at least from the lead supplier) with a higher average sales conversion rate.

Home Improvement Helpers follows this business model.


Contractor lead providers may or may not have a contractual requirement for purchasing home improvement leads. A contractual requirement provides the lead provider forecasting for lead generation, together with a financial commitment to subsidize the lead generation process.

Commitment – Lead Forecasting & Pre-Payment

For high-volume home improvement lead generation, the lead provider will require forecasting by the contractor, a signed purchasing agreement and minimum monthly purchases. The more restrictive the agreement, the greater the potential burden to the contractor.

Commitment – Purchase As Needed

In this instance the home improvement lead provider sells to the contractor on a per lead basis. There is no long term financial commitment by the contractor to purchase leads, nor financial risk. Reference Pay-Per-Contractor Lead benefits.

Home Improvement Helpers follows this business model.


Home Improvement Helpers has provided residential contractor project leads to national building and construction suppliers for more than five years. They have used these leads as a means to recruit and incentivize contractors to purchase their products.

For them offering home improvement leads has been a good marketing strategy. Their business is selling construction products, not the production of quality home improvement leads.

These leads are passed to multiple contractors over an extended period of time. Consequently, they waste a contractor’s time and resources because they chase homeowner projects that have been picked over, again and again.

We do not sell construction supplies or burned out home improvement leads to multiple contractors. We simply offer high quality, economical telephone-verified sales opportunities to residential contractors.

These telephone-verified sales opportunities provide residential contractors a greater chance of closing business with a homeowner. They complement a residential contractor’s current marketing activities to generate new business.

We believe that our home improvement leads offer a residential contractor the lowest cost, highest return on investment to generate new business.


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