Home Improvement Repeat Business


For a residential contractor, home improvement repeat business is key to long term sales and success. While all businesses, residential contractors included, need new customers, over time they become old and sometimes forgotten customers. This is a mistake since these “forgotten” customers can be converted into home improvement repeat business at a fraction of the cost of finding new customers.

So why do many residential contractors tend to invest more time and resources on new customer acquisition versus customer retention that results in repeat business? Whatever the reason, it is NOT a wise investment on your part if your goal is to grow your contracting business and profits.


According a recent article in Forbes, the majority of potential customers give a business only one shot. Think about that. One shot.

Home improvement repeat business requires about 20% of the cost to retain and nurture versus attracting a new customer. And if you can increase your repeat business by 5%, this will increase your profits from 25-95%.

Think about that. If you focus more on your existing customers, you will lower costs and increasing your business profits.


Trust and loyalty are the building blocks of a strong residential contractor customer base. They are essential for earning long-term repeat customers. And beyond home improvement repeat business, 83% of customers say they would recommend a business they trust to others.

They Are Earned

Customer trust and loyalty are earned. Like any personal relationship, it starts by doing what you will say you will do. This means arriving at the scheduled appointment time, having the professional quote ready, delivering the project on time, with the quality expected by the customer.

Expect Consistency

Your repeat customers, who had a positive experience, expect the same level of consistency as their first time. Focus on meeting their expectation of consistency and your customers will reward you with their loyalty and word of mouth reference to potential new customers.


For your customers to trust you, you need to be deserving of their trust. That means being honest and transparent about what they can expect from your company’s services.

Be as clear as possible about what you have to offer. Provide clear project quotes to establish accurate customer expectations from the start. Your customers do not want surprises, simply quality work, done on time, at a reasonable price.

Customer Expectations

Every customer should know exactly what to expect before signing your project contract and making a deposit payment.

It is much more important to the long-term growth of your contractor business that all of your customers are satisfied with their experience versus generating as many sales as possible.

Satisfied Customers

Remember, residential contractor repeat business is based on a highly satisfied customer base. These customers, who have made an informed decision, will be appreciative and will know that they can trust you in the future.


When you offer some type of incentives/rewards for home improvement repeat business, you give your customers a clear incentive to stick with your residential contractor business instead of switching to one of your competitors. Whether it is a discount on the next remodeling project, special invitation for a complementary home service, a complementary gift for a new customer referral, etc., the list is varied.

Activate Your Advocates

Extend the concept of your loyalty retention program to Activate Your Advocates. You want to leverage your existing customers by adding word-of-mouth referral opportunities to increase your residential contractor brand.

Make It Easy

Regardless of the exact loyalty retention program your offer, the goal is to make it more advantageous for your customers to continue working with you than to test out their other options. And the more your business relationship caters to their needs, the more effective you will be in getting home improvement repeat business.


Home Improvement Helpers has provided residential contractor project leads to national building and construction suppliers for more than five years. They have used these leads as a means to recruit and incentivize contractors to purchase their products.

For them offering home improvement leads has been a good marketing strategy. Their business is selling construction products, not the production of quality home improvement leads.

These leads are passed to multiple contractors over an extended period of time. Consequently, they waste a contractor’s time and resources because they chase homeowner projects that have been picked over, again and again.

We do not sell construction supplies or burned out home improvement leads to multiple contractors. We simply offer high quality, economical telephone-verified sales opportunities to residential contractors.

These telephone-verified sales opportunities provide residential contractors a greater chance of closing business with a homeowner. They complement a residential contractor’s current marketing activities to generate new business.

We believe that our home improvement leads offer a residential contractor the lowest cost, highest return on investment to generate new business.


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