Yes we do offer live transfer leads to contractors on a pre-established agreement basis. This is an additional service to our contractor affiliates.

These live transfers leads are exclusive, telephone-verified homeowners who desire to speak with a contractor immediately. Normally these homeowners have a project to be completed within a 30 days time-frame.

For additional information regarding this contractor service visit our Contractor Live Transfer Leads section.

Most of our affiliate residential contractors have other sources of leads. That is normal business.

Think of us as simply supplementing your existing lead source.

We do NOT have any purchasing contracts or commitments. When we have a telephone-verified, homeowner sales prospect lead that fits your company profile, you get notified and get to review it that day..

If you need additional business that day, you purchase it. Otherwise you don’t. You decide if it is right for you.

No risk, no financial commitment. Only upside of more business.

Cost is relative.

Let’s say you purchase a home improvement sales lead for a Windows project that results in $3,000 in sales. That lead cost you $25 dollars and is less than 1.0% marketing costs.

That is a tremendous bargain.

No start up cost. No purchase contract.

And it is super easy to start. You can have your first homeowner project lead to review in about 15 minutes after you fill out our basic information form. And that only take 3-5 minutes, depending how fast you type.

Yes. Each lead is exclusive to the purchaser. However, the lead is not reserved for any particular contractor.

Our exclusive, telephone-verified home improvement leads vary in price based on industry type. This reflects the relative value of different types of home improvement leads.

We offer a special promotional price for your first lead purchase as part of the affiliate contractor onboard welcome. Subsequent home improvement leads purchases are at the standard pricing.

Since you get to review the exclusive, telephone-verified home improvement lead contents (excluding contact details) before deciding on a purchase, you can judge its value.

Unfortunately there is no precise answer since this is dependent upon the volume of Internet homeowner inquiries, the contractor’s geographic service coverage and type of market focus.

Since we cannot guarantee the volume of Internet homeowner inquiries that we are able to convert into telephone-verify leads that fit a particular contractor’s needs, we feel it is best to allow contractors pay as they go, rather than charge upfront fees for leads.

You are required to sign our contractor affiliate agreement that provides us general contractor company background information. This allows us to ensure homeowners that they are being referred to only professional, high-quality remodeling contractors.

The contractor affiliate agreement does NOT have any lead purchase or other financial commitments.

We are very confident in the quality of our home improvement leads. However, we understand that there may be a variety of circumstances for a contractor to request the return of a lead. Generally this falls into the category of not being able to contact the homeowner or the homeowner has a change of heart due to personal issues.

Regardless, we offer a simple, no-hassle process to return a lead. If you get an invalid lead, you can return it by simply contacting our Customer Service representatives within seven (7) calendar days of purchase.

Each lead returned for credit will be independently verified to ensure it meets the return criteria. For more detailed information, refer to our lead return policy.

No. There is no contractor affiliate sign up fee. New contractors receive home improvement leads (without homeowner contact information) for review and approval prior to purchase. A contractor determines whether to purchase a particular lead.

Online, electronic payment for leads is the norm. You do not provide us with your credit card information.

For those contractors with a six-month purchasing relationship, we can establish a credit limit for a post payment process, with weekly electronic billing for those leads purchased the previous week.

We partner with a network of Internet websites where homeowners are shopping for home improvement request quotes. As part of submitting a quote request, the homeowner prospect is required to authorize a follow up contact by a third-party marketing group or contractor. Over the course of the business day, we then have our service representatives do telephone-verification of the quote request information.

For those quote requests that pass our Quality Assurance review, they are then deemed leads available for distribution to our affiliate contractors. Our service representatives then send an email advisory to a qualifying contractor (territory location and lead type) of the opportunity to purchase the home improvement lead.

The sooner a contractor decides on purchasing the home improvement lead, the sooner the full contents of the lead is available for contacting the homeowner and beginning the quotation and sales process.

No incentive-based methods are used to generate home improvement leads.

Home Improvement Helpers is a telephone-verified lead generator rather than a lead aggregator. We generate 100% of the leads we sell under stringent quality filtering guidelines. The homeowner or decision maker has indicated to us verbally of the desire to speak with the remodeling contractor. Also, we do not require any prepayment of home improvement leads. You review each lead and authorize payment as your budget and work schedule allows.

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